Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

It gives the great honor and immense pleasure to introduce, a conglomerate of industries engaged in producing and marketing of products last half a decade. We produce & supply quality products up to the needs and choice of our customer’s. From the very inception till date we strive always to achieve customer satisfaction by providing consumables at rational and affordable price. We have recently achieved a reasonable market share in the local and overseas market for our products. We however, look forward to you for your valuable suggestion as to how we could make further improvements in our products and service to our customers. We always welcome any aspect of your dreams necessitates. Welcome and wishing you best of luck. Hope your journey through our goods will be a pleasant one.


DB Dolphin Mattress factory has been Established in 2007 and located at Taltala, Dakhinkhan, Dhaka-1230,Bangladesh. Our head office is at the location. The Factory is situated on 33 decimal of land covered area. The Factory is equipped with most modern and sophisticated automatic machines and German technology. The Factory has started its production in 2010 by targeting international standard Dolphin Brand Coir Mattress, Spring Mattress, Re-bond Mattress, Felt Mattress, Foam, Pillow, Comforter, etc. Dolphin is transparent, so it is one of the best company in Bangladesh which makes European standard products.